Hello there!
My name is Geoffrey Pawlaczyk, founder, and CEO of Adventure Knives. I began Adventure Knives in the year 2009, with the philosophy that top quality, unique knives, along with exceptional customer service, would be our main goal. It’s that simple, and I make sure that we stand behind it each and every day. Our customers are the reason we exist, so they are always our number one priority.
Adventure Knives knows how much better your life can be with a great knife. Our goal is to provide you with superb products that will make your life easier, adventurous, and fun! Adventure Knives takes the burden off, by eliminating the confusion of sorting through endless knife companies which all look very much the same. We carry the very best brands that will get the job done, when you need it most.
Adventure Knives offers sleek, rugged, reliable knives and tools for every day use. Whether it is for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, survival, working, or just everyday tasks, Adventure Knives has a knife for any situation. We carry traditional folding, spring-assisted, fixed blade, damascus, and ultimate survival knives. Our customers can rely on us when it counts!
Style and design are also very important. As a graphic designer, I am always developing new styles to keep things interesting and exciting for our customers. It’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job, and I love to see the finished product.
Whether you’re a new customer, or a long time fan of Adventure Knives, I want to sincerely thank you for all of your support.
Please send us your questions and comments. We’d love to hear from you!
Geoffrey Pawlaczyk


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