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I have some very important updates for everyone. I have decided to take down the Adventure Knife website at this time and I will be asking y’all to join me with something that is very personal to me, which I will explain shortly. I extend my deepest apologies to my dear friends and customers that I have been neglecting for quite some time. The least serious of the issues is that the website has not been working correctly and we have not been getting notices of any orders or emails sent from the Adventure Knives website. If anyone needs to get a hold of us, please email us at directly from your email account. 

I have had so many people tell me I should write a book because of all the over-the-top life experiences that I have experienced that most will probably never experience. I have experienced monumental blessings, finding God and the true love of my life, extreme business and life successes and failures, battling severe depression, trauma, pure evil, death and life-threatening sickness but I’m still hear. I have asked myself why I’m still hear and the only reason that makes sense is that God has plans for me and I have more to give. I have a story that needs to be told and it will give you a whole new perspective on life and the power you have over it against the people who are pure evil and do not value family, love and life as well as the lessons from failure and the keys to success. 


I do not know the fate of Adventure Knives due to events over the past few years that have destroyed the business and myself. Maybe it will survive and maybe it won’t. No matter what happens, I really want to focus on giving back and helping those in need. As many of y’all know, I have also done tremendous charities, donating countless product and money to our communities. I am very proud the lives I have touched and the quality product we have provided over the years. I think I want to now focus my time on giving back and helping others with something that is very close to me and so many other parents. Divorce with children destroys so many parents and children in so many ways, specifically when it is due to a spouse cheating and filling the all-too-common frivolous order of protection and leveraging the children as their own personal property. 


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. I am a good man and I have looked the devil in the eye and have seen real evil and it must be exposed and good must prevail. I have always tried to find the positive out of the evil in this world. I had to go through pure evil and hell to find God and true love. I honestly would be in a very dark place if it was not for finding God, the true love of my life and the support of y’all. Unfortunately, depression is still very real as is PTSD and trauma from subpar unethical hack lawyers and snakes. My story needs to be told help others in a time of need, to motivate and also expose evil so it can be defeated… because it is hell what I went through. 


No child should have to go through what my children went through and I am glad I had the strength and recourses to stand up against the snakes. I want to help give parents and children the recourses to help them through the hell of divorce when children are involved. The evidence for children needing both parents equally in a divorced family is overwhelming. I also want to focus on custody reform, promote quality lawyers and sanction, sue and disbar hack lawyers who unethically and unlawfully file frivolous motions and are in violation of the Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. I want to help get Judges elected that give 50/50 custody to loving and fit parents who want to honor their moral and ethical obligation to raise and parent their children and get Judges fired who abuse their power, do not hold those accountable for violating custody agreements, prosecuting those who file frivolous protection orders. There is no crueler tyranny than which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice. I believe lawyers like Heather Tessmer and the Heather Tessmer Law firm in Boerne TX must be exposed. I want to help educate everyone on the scams of family court and how to easily represent yourself. Family court is a scam for so many angles and our communities need to be educated to bring about positive and meaning full change. 


More to come soon, 

Regards and God Bless 

Geoffrey Pawlaczyk 


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